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Ever walked into a bathroom and had such a good conversation with a stranger you wonder why you didn’t exchange phone numbers? We totally could have been friends. (We want to be friends!) We promise to be raw, open and real here. We will share our expertise, our experiences and even our own downfalls (yep , we’ve got them too). No subject is taboo and no shaming will go on, we promise. So, join us in The Ladies Room. A lot of shit is going down. And you don’t want to miss it.

Welcome to The Ladies Room

(Where we talk about all the stuff normally saved for The Ladies Room.)

Laura Curcio
Laura CurcioFancy Pants
Gina Mazzola
Gina MazzolaTraveling Foodie
Caryn Bardunias
Caryn BarduniasMkupchik

We’re chatting from the 40 and older perspective. Whether it’s sharing ideas and stories about beauty, fashion, travel, marriage, divorce, motherhood, menopause,depression, and fear… You name it, let’s discuss it. Because life doesn’t end after 40 or even 50!

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